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We create condominium vineyards

Our beliefs about the wine crowdfunding

Terra Hominis « The Men Land » in latin is the link between wine lovers and the winemakers embedded in their vineyard.

The crowdfunding is the appropriate way for creating new domains, settling new winemakers, but also to enable winemakers already established to finance their exploitation while giving the opportunity to wine lovers to support them.

We have chosen the unregulated crowdfunding so that we can select our partners and preserve the philosophy of Terra Hominis.

The People

investir dans le vin plaisir

Buying vine plants is a common dream for a lot of wine lovers.

We found vineyards where human assests are essential. It is more than a financial investment. Partners give meaning to their investment, which is modest and safe, and commit to support the vineyard’s life.

What brings all our partners together?
The unique feeling of tasting a wine that they have seen evolved and to share it with the ones they love. Establishing unique relationships with the winemakers and other partners. This is essential to bring life into our vineyards. Everyone wins. The partner gains knowledges in wine making and participates into the vineyard’s life while the winemaker, by developing deep bounds with the partners, gain new ambassadors.

The Transfer

transmettre une terre

Passing on to our children our wine and gastronomy culture combined with the spirit of friendliness, is an integral part of the philosophy of our vineyards. We are legally owner of the vines. But, morally, we do not forget that we are just beneficiaries. The real owners are our children and our grandchildren.

What if, a partner wants to sell back his shares? A waiting list of ‘candidate partners’ is setting up for each of our vineyard. So if you want to sell back, your shares’ value will be reevaluated by our certified accountant and sold at the value set.

The Fun

investir dans le vin, un investissement plaisir

The crowdfunding, it is about being fully involved in the vineyard’s life by coming on site, by helping out, and by tasting the wines in barrel… All these activities are part of the services provided to the partners. Moreover, a newsletter sent by email to all partners will allow you to follow the life of the vineyard and thus gain knowledges and insight about the wines process.

You will also feel a special emotion while uncorking a wine of your domain a special emotion that no other wine will be able to do.

Watch 2 videos to fully understand the spirit behind the engagement of the Terra Hominis partners:

The Security

la sérénité

Our proposal of wine investment is based on a simple legal scheme, certified by our legal experts, that protects the investment.

For each of our vineyards, we create a legal scheme that grants a lease to a winemaker whom that takes the financial and legal responsibility for the farm.

No additionnal financial investment will be required. And if the winemaker suffers financially, Il n’y a donc plus jamais d’argent à remettre, et si le vigneron vient à rencontrer des soucis we will not lose our vines because they are dissociated from the farm.

In return for the lease, the winemaker must agree to pay back. It will always be paid in wine bottles, in order that the interests of each others pursue a common goal: producing the finest wines.

The Respect

labour à cheval dans la vigne

Growing the vines means investing in terroir and respecting the land.

That’s why, the cultivation techniques used on our newly-created vineyards give high priority to the manual labour. We refuse to use chemicals products that could durably pollute our vineyards’ soils. We share with our winemakers an environmental ethics. We protect our most vulnerable plots by ploughing on horseback, most suitable for our field, and by establishing beehives that guarantee the balance of the biotope.

The Social Accountability

hévaé pour aider les enfants hospitalisés

As we create new wine estates, so we reinforce our support to the charity named HEVAE: www.hevae.fr

This charity brings happiness to ill children in the hospitals through educational programs.
Ludovic Aventin, founder of Terra Hominis and manager of Mas Angel, and domaine Montgros is member of this charity board. Through this function, he is to ensure that all our actions, in all of our vineyards, will ultimately benefit the children.

If you share our beliefs about the wine crowdfunding

Feel free to contact me to discuss about your project. I will forward you by post your subscription form.

If you still have questions, consult our FAQ about wine crowdfunding. For any other request you may have, do not hesitate to call me.

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