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We create condominium vineyards

A simple legal process

The accession procedure to your future vineyard:

Step 1

Let’s introduce ourselves and make sure that our mutual expectations are aligned.

Step 2

We send you a subscription form to complete and to to return to our legal expert.

Step 3

Once received, we will acknowledge receipt of your form. Our legal expert will check that your application is compliant and will transfer it to the notary.

Step 4

Once drafted, we will send you the title deed issued by our notary.

The legal scheme in details

The legal scheme in details This simple and secured legal scheme has been set up, tested and approved through 3 of our first vineyards: Mas Angel, Domaine Montgros and Domaine Laur Bauzil.

The acquisition of shares will be confirmed and recorded by notarised deed. The title deed will be established by our notary.

Our approach requires a simple legal scheme, that have been validated by our experts.

For each of our vineyards, we create a specific scheme.

A lease is granted to the winemaker who take the financial and legal responsibility of the farm. This is a one-time and definitive investment. The ownership of the vineyard and its operations are legally separated in order to guarantee the associated capital.

To maintain the relationship with our partners, we refuse to create an unpersonal platform of investment. That’s why Terra Hominis is not regulated by the law.

The company for real estate development and rural establishment (Safer) accompanies us on the choice of our lands and on the portage project aid.

CER FRANCEA partnership was developped with CER France to help us with the farm management through their accounting expertse.


The Benefits

Wine bottles

In exchange of the lease, the winemaker commits to pay the rent. It is always paid with wine bottles as our global approach is not speculative. That’s why, the partners receive bottles of wine as benefits.

In addition, partners can buy wines from all of our diverse vineyards at special rates.

Mas Angel rosé « la vie en rose »: 4.15 € instead 8 € public price – the prestigious vintage 9 € instead of 14 € public price.

Domaine Montgros cuvée « Producteur de plaisir » : 4.90 € instead of 8 € public price – Elite 14.75 € instead of 29.50 public price.

The shares transfer

Le respect de la terre

Our human approach forbids by definition any type of speculation. However, one day because of personal difficulties, you might want to sell one or several of your shares.

That’s why the value of each share is regularly upgraded by our certified accountant.

A waiting list is set up for each of our newly-created vineyard. Indeed, the laggards, the wine lovers, partners’ friends, partners’ family members, and the partners ask to join the structure or even to increase their own participation.

For example, two years after the creation of Mas Angel (www.faugeres-masangel.fr), we bought 1.5 hectares of extra vines. So that new partners could join us.

The value of the shares have been upgraded. They moved from 1300 € par nominal to 1650 €..

By doing so, in keeping with our philosophy, we satisfy all the request while preserving the interests of all parties.

If you are interested in our project, let’s talk!

If you want to receive the subscription for, feel free to contact me so that we can discuss about your project.

At the end on our exchange and if our beliefs are shared, I will send you our subscription form by post
If you still have questions, do not hesitate to consult our FAQ.
For any other request, feel free to call me.

Ludovic Aventin

Ludovic Aventin
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